Game Reports for Wednesday 27th January 2016

Played on this particular night were Warhammer Quest the adventure card game; two games of de Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA.) and Ticket to Ride. I’m pleased to say the guys responded to my plea for content for this website and came up with game reports.

John’s report on Warhammer Quest went like this: “Garry, Tony W, Kev and I tried out Warhammer Quest the Adventure Card Game for the first time – my interpretation and explanation of the rules went a bit wonky and we ended up with a few mistakes like Tony having the wrong set of character cards, drawing equipment cards instead of dungeon cards and attacking when we should have been aiding and probably other stuff – despite giving ourselves a bit of an overall advantage through these misunderstandings this first scenario was very tight with little room for mistakes or poor dice rolls – we just beat the scenario on the last turn with me and Kev barely clinging on to life.  Everyone was happy to give it another go, next time we should get it right-ish – that should be in about a month’s time.”.

Pete D’s report on the two DBA games he and James played was: “James and I finally played our much delayed DBA game. My Julius Caesar era Romans triumphed over James’ Gauls. James maxed out on terrain but as invader I had choice of ends which left him little room to deploy his superior cavalry. Unsurprisingly my Romans were unwilling to attack his Warband in the woods!

James bemoaned the lack of solid infantry and elephants in his army and so for his second game he used my Carthaginian army that happened to be in the box, I morphed my Romans to the contemporaneous Polybian version. James again got himself tangled with too much terrain but the movement dice were kinder to him and he moved forward swiftly, elephants to the fore. Fearing a wide flanking move down the waterway, my blades were deployed way back and then had to hurry forward to support the Triari (Spear armed veteran troops of the era.).  However, the combined weight of elephants and Libyan spear overwhelmed the veterans. My skirmishers plugged the gap against the elephants which inevitably they finally overcame. James threw in his Warband against the annoying Psiloi and one fled leaving the other to be overwhelmed and destroyed. I had little chance to respond using my minimal movement to defend the General. This proved pointless as two of the blades evaporated as they fought bravely but badly outnumbered and two went down in the last move so I lost 2:5. Fun games and I have to admit some delight in wiping out James’ elephant contingent.”.

Andy’s feedback on the Ticket to Ride game was as follows: “Tony G, Philip, myself and that rarest of creatures, Owen, had a couple of games of Tony’s latest Ticket to Ride variant and very fine it is too. You have a map of UK (And an American one on the reverse.) but have to buy concessions to operate outside of England. Many concepts are the same as the original game but you can now ‘purchase’ upgrades to help expand your routes and victory points gained, the only snag is that the currency is a number of Engines and these are always in short supply. Anyway, I took the first game with a mainly English based approach (Dictated by initial routes drawn.), the second game Philip ran away with it and I came last (Not sure my tactic of starting off shore and working back to England quite panned out).”.

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