Club Meeting Wednesday 3rd February 2016

The club meeting on Wednesday the 3rd of February was again busy with a game of Flames of War going on; a full house of players for Pandemic Legacy; a multiplayer session of 7TV 2nd edition and Neil’s lovely little boardgame Vikings which had a full house of players as well.

Let’s start with Flames of War for which Philip provided this fulsome report: “I played Flames of War with Tony G somewhere in Italy. We played mid war. I was using a US Armoured Infantry Company and Tony was using a Panzerkompanie.

The mission we diced for was Dust Up. We deployed ½ our platoons on table and the remaining platoons started to come on move 3 (Deployed reserves.). Our deployment zones were in opposite quarters of the table. Since it was an encounter mission we did not start dug in. The mission would be won if we captured one of the two objectives placed in our enemies’ deployment area or by making the enemy run away.

I deployed my 105mm foot artillery, infantry platoon (Dismounted.) and a tank platoon of 4 Shermans. My reinforcements consisted of another Sherman and infantry platoon. I also had a small recce platoon. Tony deployed Pak 40s (2), Panzer IVs (3), mad bikers and his CinC (Panzer III.) and 2inC (Panzer III). Reinforcements were Panzer IIIs, a Tiger and I think an AA platoon.

In the first set of moves I moved my infantry towards a wood not far from one of the enemy objectives and my Shermans to cover them. While my infantry were in the open Tony machine gunned them using his mad bikers. They lost about three teams but the platoon survived and made it to the wood. I then promptly destroyed the bikers using the machine guns from my Shermans.

The next couple of moves not a lot happened… both sides waiting for reinforcements and dug in their respective guns. I had a Lightning plane that did destroy one of the Pak 40s but did very little else. I was lucky to have my second Sherman and infantry platoons arrive. I then started to move my two Sherman platoons and two infantry platoons towards the enemy objectives.

Tony then had success and his reinforcement of Panzer IIIs and then the following move his lone Tiger arrived. Tony attacked my 105mm artillery… since two were facing in a different direction only two could fire back but both missed. He then assaulted them. Lost all four guns but the remaining commander, staff and bazooka survived and hid in a small wood on top of my objective.

Tony’s Tiger then started to hit my Sherman’s from long range… killing one. Tony also moved his successful Panzer IIIs towards a now unprotected objective (There are two in each deployment area.). My last reinforcement raced to the objective and the following move died. At the same time in Tony’s deployment area I had destroyed his remaining Pak 40 gun and moved the infantry and Shermans towards the objectives in his deployment area. His Panzer IVs and both commanders were covering both objectives.

We then ran out of time therefore it was a draw. It was a very close enjoyable game. I think Tony had the upper hand towards the end with his Panzer IIIs sitting on of the objectives.”.

John provided the following report about the Pandemic Legacy game:”The Pandemic Legacy Campaign had its second session, where we just managed to squeeze in 3 games again – we lost and then won February and then continued our loss/win pattern by losing our first March game. The system just gets better and better and through the 3 games it threw a load of new rules and components at us – each time changing the parameters of the game in subtle ways. Each game has been finely balanced, with us believing we could have won the ones we lost and learning that we need to pay very close attention to the powers at our disposal – not to use them could cost us the very existence of humanity!

We feel close to our developing characters and are even role-playing it a bit – last night the quarantine specialist and the researcher ended up in a same-sex marriage – that’s not something you see in many board games!”.

Garry gave me the following report about the 7TV 2nd edition game: “Myself and Bob had our first outing of 7tv 2 (That’s second edition.). Completely different to the original in so many ways. Bob wants to use the system to play games of 2000AD invasion, so we had a game where me the mighty Volgan army was trying to kill a specific target which I was able to do by the end of the game. Both sides had been mauled, Bob actually won even though I completed my mission.”.

Andy had the following report about the Vikings game:”Neil, Tony W, Martin & Andy played Neil’s super little game, Vikings, twice. A neat system of extending territory, populating your islands and defending against raids. I came last in the first game with a dismal 31 points compared to the 50’s for every one else. For me no island segment seemed to be available when I needed it, I ran out of money and Tony W had an uncanny habit of picking the pieces I needed. Conversely, in the second game everything seemed to be available when I needed it and I won by a country mile with more than 70 points only one raiding ship threatening which I blocked and every island on every level complete – in contrast, the perfect storm.

We followed up with the pub/filler game Qwirkle Cubes – I was 2 points ahead of Tony who only had one dice left to my two and seemed certain to go out when Neil produced a surprise finishing play and simultaneously secured third spot, denied Tony a win and handed victory to me. As it was Neil’s first outing with this ever popular game I’m sure Tony will let him off.

Down the pub got absolutely trashed at Biblios, not winning a dice but triumphed in the Uno game. My dual Gemini gaming personality has been on show two weeks running now.”.

So there you go. A fair bit of variety of everything which our club likes to do.

I’ll have more news of the latest club meeting (10th February 2016.) next time.



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