Club Meeting Wednesday 10th February 2016

Last week at the club (The 10th of February 2016.) was again busy with a two player session of De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA.) battles with samurai figures; Garry and the gang doing some fantasy slash and hack in Dragon Rampant; a two player session of Star Wars Armada; a full complement playing the boardgame Drake and some fiercely fought games down the pub after the club had shut at the usual time of 10p.m.

Let’s start with the DBA game report by Pete D which goes like this:”Philip and I played 3 games of DBA using our Samurai stuff. Philip trounced me in the first game 5:1. With some lucky dice rolls I won the second game 3:4. In the final game despite Philip twice hard flanking two of my elements (Usually the killer move in DBA.), we landed up 4:4 which in any sane game would be a draw but, this being DBA you fight on. Fortunately it was my go and I threw a for movement and just managed to destroy a 5th element giving me the most marginal of wins. 3 excellent games with lovely figures and the most genial of opponents. What’s not to love.”.

Garry’s brief report on Dragon Rampant went like this:”As you might guess we played fantasy this week, Dragon Rampant to be precise, with me playing Wood Elves; Kev Dwarves and Martin Goblins. A great time was had by all with my Elves victorious and Kevin’s Dwarves reduced to almost 1 figure. Kev got some photos. Down the pub I again was on fire winning both Bang the dice game and Cash and Guns.”.

Kev also gave me a report on Dragon Rampant which went like this:”Martin, Garry and myself played Dragon Rampant last Wednesday, a new Fantasy skirmish game from Osprey. Garry had some very nice, but untrustworthy Wood Elves, Martin took charge of a pack of sneaky Goblins and I lead the mightily brave Dwarves. My Dwarves were unstoppable in their desire to avenge the unjust killing of our very friendly Ice Dragon! But alas they too died slowly, at the bows of the Wood Elves. Martin’s Goblins also struggled against the evil tree men of the Wood Elves, even his Trolls couldn’t avoid being whacked! I’m sure Garry and Martin may have different stories? But all in all, very fun and quick set of rules. Can’t wait for another go at killing some Wood Elves and Goblins.”.

This brings us to Star Wars Armada which James and John were playing. John had the following report:”James and I played 2 games of Star Wars Armada – with James handing me my ass on a plate twice! My fleet build and strategy were poorly chosen in the first game, and did I learn anything? Oh, no – I just had to try pretty much the same thing again – only the second time it went even worse! I still love this game, I have now played around 10 times and lost about 80% of the time, but it is still great and there are so many possibilities to try.”.

Andy reported on the Drake boardgame session as follows:”At the club Neil, Tony G, Bob and I played Drake, the first time for me since Essen a couple of years back where it was purchased. I thought it was as good as last time and produced a very close result with only about 5 points between the first 3 players (All over 100 points.). Unfortunately, it did not seem to be Tony’s bag as unusually for him he was way off the pace. I would happily play again though.”.

Pete D commented on Garry’s spectacular victories down the pub:”Gary was unstoppable down the pub whacking my Sheriff in the final moves of Bang and then managed a clever victory with a perfect use of mid-game Godfathering in Cash n Guns where he wielded twin guns to excellent effect whereas Bob seemed to rob all the bullets from Andy’s big gun.”.

Andy’s take on this differed somewhat:”One note on the Cash and Guns game that Pete reported – amazingly, Bob on no occasion stole any bullets from me despite 8 attempts even with me gaining an extra bullet. By the same token, every time I loaded said big gun the target ducked! Hence Pete thinking I was bullet less…..Size isn’t everything.”.

I suppose this goes to show that no two observers report the same battle in exactly the same way!

Look out for my next post on the antics coming up on the 17th of February.



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