Club Meeting 17th February 2016

On the 17th of February 2016 there were only two games in action at the club (I suspect a lot of club members are ill with the latest cold doing the rounds or are busy.). They were the Osprey published Dragon Rampant and a small 100 point two player session of Star Wars X Wing.

Garry’s brief report on Dragon Rampant was:”It was a much reduced club last night as only 7 members were there so only 2 games were on the tables. Andy and James played X- Wing while me, Bob, Kevin, Tony W and Martin did a five way Dragon Rampant game which was great fun. Even Kev’s Dwarves actually did something; Martin’s Orcs got a bit of a pasting; I killed Bob’s General and Tony W had no models left on the table. Next week myself and Bob intend to have another go at 7tv2.”.

Andy’s report on X Wing was as follows:”I took on James at X-Wing. The X-Wing game had a 100 point limit and saw me with a Scum and Villainy force (Courtesy of my son.) of four ships take on three ships of Rebels from James’ vast collection. I had a few upgrade cards taking a quantity over quality approach whereas there were three Rebels, two good, one not so good, with a great heap of upgrades.

Rebels – James: X-Wing; E-Wing; Z-95 Headhunter.
Scum – Andy: Y-Wing; Kihraxz Fighter; Z-95 Headhunter; HWK-290.

I started off reasonably well with some early hits on the E-Wing and Headhunter whilst Poe Dameron sulked on the flanks in his fancy X-Wing. I crowded the centre looking to outnumber the Rebels but I quickly got a bit tangled up and at one point I had all my ships in a line astern and needed some fancy manoeuvring to extricate myself from this situation and avoid the asteroids that were in close proximity. The Rebel Z-95 did not last too long and the E-Wing made a bolt for it. I decided to block in the E-Wing with my best two ships and let Poe play with the other two. The E-wing with the upgrades is a difficult target and I was very close to bring both ships to bear but a gentle x2 move to the left instead of a x1 and I missed out on x3 attack dice that could have finished him.

The E-Wing seemed to spend a lot of time running away whilst Poe mopped up the other two ships of my fleet. James missed out on an opportunity to kill the Kihraxz and lost his E-wing as a result leaving my two remaining battered ships to take on Poe. It looked hopeless …. and it was but my Z-95 engaged in a spirited game of Dodge Ball until the last remaining Rebel managed to finally catch him. So not the anticipated whitewash I was expecting as I think I gave James a reasonable game.”.

So far there are two games planned for next week (24th February 2016.) which will be the 2nd edition of 7TV as Garry mentioned above and the boardgame Vikings. I hope to have reports on both next time.


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