Club Meeting – Wednesday 24th February 2016

Last week (The 24th of February 2016.) saw a busy load of tables in action with a full complement playing Pandemic Legacy; a two player session of 7TV 2nd edition and a table full playing the boardgames Vikings followed by Alhambra followed by Harbour.

Pete D provided a report about the Pandemic Legacy game. Pete D said:”Pandemic Legacy – we played 3 times and managed to win once. The Coda A virus mutated twice and its victims are now “shades” with translucent skin. In our last game the zombies broke out so now nearly half the cities on the board produce shades – it’s looking a very tall order for us to get control again. However if we lose 4 games in a row we get a bonus uplift package but I suspect that by then Earth will be overrun!. It’s a stunningly engaging co-op game.”.

John B commented on Pete D’s report:”Pandemic Legacy just gets better and better – and my eternal optimism took some dents as each new rule and each new component came out last night and made the situation worse and worse. What do you do as you see the world collapse due to a zombie apocalypse? That’s right, you keep smiling!”.

Garry’s brief report on the 7TV 2nd edition game was:”Myself and Bob had another outing of 7TV2. This time the resistance fighters led by Bill Savage had to help a British agent find a case full of Volgan sensitive information which had been hidden in a scrapyard in Sarf London. Our plucky agent found the case and legged it giving the resistance a minor victory. The new rules are much more streamlined now and the game ticks along really well.”.

Andy’s report on the three game bonanza on the third table said:”Last night saw Neil, Martin, Tony W and I play: a. Neil’s Vikings – Neil romped this one with well over 100 points with Tony and me neck and neck about 20 points back. Poor Martin was actually lapped!; b. Andy’s Alhambra – I carried this one to victory but with a closer game than Vikings. Both proved – My game = My win.”.

Neil also provided a report which mentioned Harbour as the third game:”Andy, Martin, Tony W and I played Viking again by popular request. I won; Martin probably got a world record for number of Vikings still at sea at the end of the game; Andy came a very creditable second with Tony failing to frustrate his plans even though he was sitting to his right again. Afterwards we played Alhambra. Andy won after a very good game cornering the market in towers; Tony had a wonderfully long wall; Martin seemed to have second place in just about everything; and I had lots of gardens. Tried to have a go at Harbour at the end, but only had 40 minutes. Although it says 30 – 60 minutes and this is not a bad estimate in my opinion, it is really not long enough with 3 people who had not played a game with some very Byzantine good price manipulation. A big shame, but I hope we will have another go soon. Martin was winning when we called it a night.”.

Next week (2nd of March 2016.) the plan is to have Commands and Colors in 20mm (Two players) and a multiplayer session of Warhammer Quest the adventure card game.


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