Club Meeting Wednesday 2nd March 2016

The meeting on the 2nd of March was pretty busy again with a multiplayer Warhammer Quest the adventure card game session; Star Wars X Wing; Commands and Colours: The Great War and Commands and Colours: Ancients on the tables.

Let’s lead off with John B’s brief report about the Warhammer Quest session:”Garry, Kev, Tony W and I set forth on quest number 2 of Warhammer Quest the Adventure Card Game – this time we got it mostly right and it played pretty smoothly other than the odd rules look up. Unfortunately our party did not fair well, being overwhelmed by baddies in the final location – will get this out again in three or four weeks.”.

The Star Wars X Wing session was a two player between Neil and our resident Top Gun James. This is what happened:”I played X-Wing against James. I fielded my planned tournament list. I fielded Boba Fett in Slave-1 and a Headhunter and Kirgaxz Fighter in support. James fielded 2 flying saucers with heavy laser cannons in turrets. The crockery zapped me into oblivion. Dash Rendar’s ability to collide with every asteroid on the board without suffering any ill effects was unpleasant.

James wanted to see the Hound’s Tooth on the table and so in spite of it being the ugliest spaceship in the multiverse and having not so much an Achilles heel as an Achilles backside I loaded it up with every upgrade upgrade it could take (65 points.) and with two more expendable fighters in support once more did battle. My two fighters became puffs of incandescent gas in almost no time but old dog breath did for Hans Solo. This left a tense game of maneuver between one of the most maneuverable large ships in the game and one of the least. I not only stayed on the tail of the VT-2400 but most of the time too close for its heavy laser cannon to fire (That was when I wasn’t actually crashing in to it. Try as he might Dash just couldn’t shake the lumbering monster and I eventually managed a somewhat surprising victory.”.

I have to say this is incredibly rare against James so hats off to Neil!

Commands and Colours: The Great War is just like the C&C series but it has plastic figures instead of wooden blocks. This is how the game went in Philip’s report:”I played C&C: The Great War with Tony G. This is the first time we played this game. We played a practice scenario. The mechanism is the same as the other C&C games with some great innovations for WW1. Your HQ started off with 6 HQ Token which could be spent on Artillery bombardments or combat cards. You earn extra HQ Tokens at the end of every move and when your combat dice throw the HQ symbol. The combat cards give your troops a special bonus when attacking the enemy (e.g. Trench Foot, Lice, Body Armour).

We only had time to play the one scenario. The problem we found was that there was no real incentive to go over the top and to attack the enemy. There was no time limit. I checked the ‘real’ scenarios and found that there was a mechanism where the defender would earn a medal if they play a recon card… hence putting pressure on the attacker to attack!”.

Last but not least was Commands and Colours: Ancients which generated the following fulsome report from Andy:”Pete D and I resumed our acquaintance with a long lost friend, C&C:A. We tried out a couple of games during Pyrrhus’ sojourn into Italy with Pete playing the aggressive invader and me playing the home crowd. The first game, Heraclea, 289BC, saw us both with 5 command cards 17 troops and a 7 banner target. There is a special rule that the Romans cannot ignore flags rolled by elephants as this was apparently the first time they had encountered them in battle. Needless to say they came sallying forth like cocky new kids on the block and I had to execute a strategic withdrawal – yes, I ran off. I then effectively managed to fight the battle elsewhere to take a 7-4 victory as I probably got more of my heavy troops into combat in effective numbers.

The second battle, Asculum, 279BC, saw smaller numbers with 13 units a side with the Epirote force including some local turncoat Gauls and a reduced elephant force. My Romans had a restrictive 4 command cards to Pete’s Epirotes with 6 and a reduced victory point of 6 banners. This was a bloody encounter with lots of casualties and several units per side with much reduced numbers of blocks. Pete was leading 5-4 with troops scattered to the four corners. I looked certain to lose next turn so I came up with a cunning wheeze to take out the two required units but to still leave my weaker units safe. The first Epirote unit fell and as I clattered into the second I felt certain of victory but no!!!! A single stand left and a retreat to boot. As I settled back thinking I was OK until the next turn Pete produced a cavalry charge and rounded upon two of my ‘safe’ units with an extra combat dice to boot. Needless to say he didn’t get the needed single kill in four dice thrown leaving my medium infantry with attached leader to fight back needing to kill two cavalry and guess what – they couldn’t do it either. The other encounter was equally unproductive. My final play was a single unit per section giving me three good opportunities to finish which I did at last to take an oh so close 6-5.

It was interesting to listen to Pete bemoan his luck and observe holes in the rules – it reminded me of me when I lose to him at DBA. Perhaps C&C:A is not my fiend it is my gaming significant other …. and Pete’s is DBA.”.

So there you have it. Next week (9th March.) should see the return of Star Wars Armada; a Flames of War Early War encounter and a session of Dragon Rampant.


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