Club Meeting Wednesday 9th March 2016

The club meeting on the 9th of March was again a busy one with Flames of War of two flavours going on plus Dragon Rampant and Star Wars Armada.

Let’s start off with Andy’s report about the Flames of War: Six Day War session:”Neil and I played an Arab Israeli encounter that was all a bit confuddled. I had prepared some terrain to represent one of the mountainous passes in the Sinai and I also had a new cloth – it all looked so perfect in my mind’s eye. Turned up at the club and proceeded to set it all up but forgot to get a board and ended up being 3 foot wide instead of 4 foot. I’d also left some of my M3’s at home so had to do a quick recalculation on points and ended up fielding an illegal list. We set up for a fighting withdrawal battle with everything on the by now busy table, with me as the attacker needing to take one of three objectives within 8 turns. We also took pity on Tony and a new player, Paul, and doubled up sides.

Unfortunately, Neil had to pick his wife up from the station so he got as far as filling the narrower than regulation table with horizon to horizon minefields, barbed wire and trenches for his fortified infantry company and then had to leave for the station. Tony then sort of swapped sides and helped Paul through the game where I essentially blasted away at his guns and he threw disastrous saves. I then moved forward through the minefield – well I attempted to do so and most everything got bogged down or hit mines. The Egyptian fortunes changed further when their Recoilless rifles took their toll and I had to stop and deal with them. Neil returned in time to bring in a bit of air support whilst I stuttered forward piecemeal with my (Now illegal as it was only spotted at this point.) troop of AT jeeps and a few rag tag tanks. I managed to take out some comedy Sherman conversions before they withdrew. We got to turn 6 and then it was time to pack up.

A bit of an odd night’s gaming all told.”.

I don’t have a report on the Flames of War early war session as neither player fielded one.

Garry wrote the following about the Dragon Rampant session:”We had a 6 player Dragon Rampant Game: Dwarf, Dwarf, Elf vs Goblin, Orc and Beastmen – that’s me, Kev, Bob vs Pete D, Martin and Tony W. When we packed up it was looking like a win for the good guys.”.

Pete D’s take on the same session was:”I was inducted to the Dragon Rampant hall of f/sh-ame. Very creative use of the troop types to bring together some excellent figures. It felt a bit busy with 6 players but I look forward to planning my own lists and I now have the original medieval version – Lion Rampant – a good excuse to get those lovely 28mm historicals on the table.”.

Tony W added:”This week I was part of the of a shaky alliance with Martin’s Orcs and Pete D’s Goblins, which took on Bob’s Wood Elves and Garry/Kev’s Dwarves. I took my Beastmen, and had the ill fortune to be opposite Bob’s pesky, arrow firing Elves – needless to say I came away pincushioned! Although we didn’t do too badly, things were not looking that good at the end. Great game for all that.”.

The Star Wars Armada session ended up more than a little one sided as John relates:”James and I once again got Star Wars Armada to the table – I deployed 4 star destroyers (2 Imperial Class.) and had almost no points left for enhancements or squadrons – and thanks to my amazing dice rolling (100% blanks on some rolls.) was blasted to bits by his over-powered, super-enhanced Home One – conclusion: my fleet design needs some work.”.

The plan for next week (16th March.) is for more Flames of War – this time Team Yankee, plus Commands and Colours: The Great War and the next installment of the ongoing Pandemic Legacy campaign game.

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