Club Meeting Wednesday 23rd March 2016

At the club meeting on the 23rd of March there were at least three games going on: the boardgame Thunderbirds; Star Wars Armada and the boardgame Pericles.

I’ll let John describe what happened in Thunderbirds:”Garry, me, Andy and Pete M tried in vain to save the world in Thunderbirds, but that darn Hood had the better of us every time – three times to be precise. We set up for Legendary level, which was a bit ambitious, but we never got going on the hard parts because we couldn’t seem to hit our stride on clearing the disasters. We took risks, and paid the price. Next time, Hood, next time.”.

The lads were also supposed to be playing Broom Service after Thunderbirds but obviously went back to try to beat the game instead.

Kev’s report on Star Wars Armada went like this:”James introduced me to Star Wars Armada. We managed to get two 300 pts games in. On the Imperial side was a Imperial Star Destroyer (Not your local bulk cruisers.), a Gladiator Star Destroyer and 3 Tie Interceptor squadrons plus Boba Fett. The Rebel scum had an Assault Frigate with 2 MC30 Frigates and Han Solo. Both sides had a few extra special cards.

The first game, we both went full speed ahead and exchanged fire. I got lucky after losing the Gladiator early, I somehow managed to take out the Assault Frigate and one of the MC30s with the ISD. Also Boba Fett and the Interceptors blasted Han Solo away.

In the second game I tried to be sly, I started slow (Speed 2.) and then planned to focus on the ISD. I sent one MC30 to slow down the Gladiator and the Assault Frigate and the other MC30 to take down the ISD. I got lucky again, with the MC30 smashing the Gladiator. But I wasn’t as lucky with the ISD, I couldn’t get both the Assault Frigate and MC30 engaged and lost the Assault Frigate. With the MC30 flying past the ISD and with out enough time to re-engage we called it a day.

Another good game from Fantasy Flight, with lots and lots of bits. I get the feeling that the real game is list building and then getting the best from the list. Had fun, but need another few games before I part with my money.”.

Neil reported on Pericles as follows:”Played Pericles with Tonys G and W, Bob and Martin. Best game of political intrigue and abstracted combat in the Peleponnesian War I can remember playing. Tony and I as newbies rapidly came to the conclusion that we had fallen in with a group of seasoned Pericles hustlers. Only really needed someone to suggest we played for a penny a point. After the first round of vying for control of city states it was gleefully announced that Megara, the city state I controlled was essentially the Welsh of the game. Still at least I didn’t have Athens which seemed to have a label saying “kick me” on the back of the Parthenon. The abstracted combat held little interest to Megara which appeared to have taken full benefit of the peace dividend following the end of the Persian War to scale back their army and navy to a token ceremonial force. Fortunately they seemed to have few enemies, and after a reverse take over of Sparta I achieved a narrow victory. Tony G’s Athens was wiped from the map, Martin was the Persian of the match, Tony W played what looked like a very reckless Corinth and Bob probably played the game how it is supposed to be played by not nailing his colours to any particular city state but making use of opportunities as they arose across the board to come second.”.

Gaming plans were pretty fluid for next time at the time of this post but we might be looking at Flames of War: Team Yankee and another outing for Thunderbirds with new expansions. I’ll let you know what happens next time.

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