Club Meeting Wednesday 30th March 2016

Last week (The 30th of March.) saw more Flames of War action together with some DBA in a tag style campaign with a game of Dragon Rampant also going on at the club.

Philip provided a good report on the Flames of War session which was as follows:”Played Flames of War – Late War with Tony G. This is a practice game for Campaign 2016… the 3rd year I have played in a team with Neil and Richard H. I used a British rifle company. It had 2 rifle platoons, carrier platoon, 2 Churchill platoons (6 tanks in total), 25pdr and 5.5” artillery battery, 4 6pdrs. Tony had a Grenadier company with 2 infantry platoons, artillery battery, 3 panthers, HMGs, AA platoon, Pak 40s and an 88mm AT gun.

The mission thrown for was Hold the Line. Since I was British I decided to use my option to attack at night. I had to attack up the narrow part of the table. Tony had ½ of the table to deploy in to defend two objectives. Tony had not played night attack so it was bit of a learning experience for him. On move three we had to dice to see if night ended. Luckily for me it stayed dark until the start of move 5.

Tony could only start with ½ his units on table. Tony deployed a formed a Kampfgruppe that had about 4 MG teams, 2 HMGs, one Pak 40 and a single Panther. This was deployed to hold the centre. He also deployed his artillery. The remaining Pak 40s and 88mm were deployed in ambush. All the other platoons would be diced to arrive on turn 3.

Basically I attack with all my units on the left and right flanks. My tanks on the right moved towards the town in the centre… trying to avoid the lurking Panther. My combined artillery barrages were being quite effective bailing out the Panther once and keeping the Kampfgruppe pinned which helped when I assaulted them with my infantry.

At the end of move 5 we just ran out of time. Tony’s reinforcements failed to turn up and the ambushes were not deployed. I was very close to capturing one of the objectives… if only there was another turn. I should have been more aggressive.”.

Tony W reported on the Dragon Rampant game with the following:”Martin (Smelly Gobbos.), Garry (Evil Dark Elves.), Bob (Heroic High Elves.) and myself (Equally heroic Aegyptians.) fought another ‘Dragon Rampant’ game. The Dark Elves proved no match for Bob’s Elves and even the powerful looking Dragon ended up a pin cushion! As to me, my Aegyptians were under serious pressure from Martin’s Gobbos by the end of the game though Bob was adding pressure on their flank. All in all, a jolly fun game. Very enjoyable game in which I threw a lot of low dice.”.

Pete D gave me a visual report with pictures on the DBA tag session which doesn’t translate very well here but here goes:”Neil won both games first as I/1a Early Sumerian then as I/6a Early Bedouin.”. Apparently in the first game the Bedouin retired to steep hills and in the Bedouin camp Neil’s Sumerianms shot the Bedouin away. On changing sides and going again Neil charged his Warband General to quickly kill Pete D as Sumerian Blade General for a late turn around.

The plan for next week (6th April.) is for an Early War Flames of War session and some more tag team DBA with a third and fourth game no doubt to be sorted out at some point.

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