Club Meeting Wednesday 6th April 2016

I only have two reports from the Club Meeting on the 6th of April – one on a session of Canvas Eagles and the other on a Flames of War session in preparation for a Flames competition.

Let’s start with Garry’s report on Canvas Eagles:”The air crackled with gunfire as the British and Germans tried in vain to knock each other out of the sky but the honours were even: no-one was shot down and a light wound was inflicted on each side. Next week it’s the Salute game trial run and probably a few board games, tally ho Garry.”.

Neil’s report on the Flames of War session was as follows:”Philip and I had a practice game for Campaign 2016. I took the Dutch army I intend to field and he took (Rather surprisingly.) Japanese. The scenario was Surrounded and so I set up my defensive fortifications to cover both directions. I was well equipped with anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns, armoured cars as well as four platoons of infantry (One of them equipped with bicycles which have no in-game effect.). Also trying out my new Bofors 10.5 cm heavy artillery. Philip deployed a tank platoon and an MG platoon on one side and 2 infantry platoons, another tank platoon and some heavy artillery on the other. By careful deployment he managed to have his tanks where my anti-tank guns weren’t and avoid most of the fire from my bunkers.

To make things more difficult for me Philip elected to attack at night and surged forward towards one of his objectives form both sides. Stiffening a platoon of infantry with my armour,one of Philip’s infantry platoons succumbed to the worst set of saving throws I have ever seen (7 lost to 9 hits with a 1/3 chance of a loss.). They dug in while his other infantry platoon got hung up on the wire. His tank platoons assaulted my trench lines turfing out two of my infantry platoons, before daylight intervened. My heavy artillery firing over open sights destroyed one tank platoon and my armoured cars the others. His virtually undamaged infantry platoon led on by his regimental flag (Apparently they can’t lose a morale check.), charged through to the objective destroying my bicycle infantry platoon. The Japanese infantry ended up contesting an objective with my armoured cars while the remaining Dutch infantry cautiously prepared for a counter attack.”.

The plan so far for next time (13th April.) is to have a trial run of the special game devised for the club to take to Salute and a two player session of the Japanese feudal boardgame Sekigahara. No doubt there will be other games besides.


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