Club Meeting Wednesday 20th April 2016

The club meeting last week saw Dragon Rampant on the tables with differing versions of what happened depending on who was giving the report. For instance Kev said:”Dragon Rampant was played again by; Bob (Elves.) and Tony (Elves?) faced off against Garry (Orcs.) and Martin (Goblins and Ghouls.) with my mighty heroic Dwarves smashing anyone who looked at my gold. I had another great game of Dragon Rampant, Garry had designed a 3 team game Bob and Tony vs Garry and Martin and me vs everyone!!!! I did get a few extra points and choose to add a fierce Dragon and a wild Slayer. In a crowded Dwarven ale house, Kevlar Thornbeard was drunk and boasting about the recent battle – “Let’s just say I won the battle!! Chasing off the thieving Elves and smashing the ugly Green skins back to the hole they came from!!!”.

This differs somewhat from Garry’s report which was:”I enjoyed Kevin’s one sided view of Wednesday’s game. In truth there was not a Dwarf left on the table and his General ran away.”.

Tony W, who also participated, reported on the drubbing his force took:”After the excitement of ‘Salute’, it was back playing games this week, as opposed to buying them! Martin, Bob, Garry, Kev and myself took to the bloody field of ‘Dragon Rampant’, which gave me the opportunity to dust off one of my forgotten armies and let them see the light of day ………………….. needless to say they took a beating and fled the field.”.

Also played were some sessions of De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA.) in preparation for a competition in Alton which Pete D and Neil reported on. First let’s turn to Pete D:”Neil and I prepared for Alton competition on Saturday with a few games of DBA. We both won with our opponent’s choice of army pairs. We both learned some subtle rule points – hope we can remember them come Saturday! Down the pub we played Cash & Guns 2nd edition with all the expansions. I’m not sure the characters are very even I scored the highest victory I’ve seen playing “The Vulture” who grabs 2 loot from anyone who dies – makes lethal shooting a bit too tempting…”.

Neil’s report on the same DBA session went like this:”Pete D and I played DBA as a warm-up for the Alton Matched Pairs on Saturday. Pete had Medieval German vs French Ordnance (Early Italian Wars); I had Hussites vs Hussites (Splitters!). We both managed to lose our first game with our own pairs which does not bode well for Saturday, but 4 good games were had.”.

Also played were a couple of short playing games which John reported on:”James, Andy and I played 2 games of Fall of Pompeii and 2 games of Splendor – it was very nice to get some shorter games played.”.

Next week the plan is for a session of 7TV; a Memoir 44 multiplayer session and a two player Flames of War early war session.

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