Club Meeting Wednesday 27th April 2016

Last week (27th April 2016.) saw some Lion Rampant action; German on German Flames of War action; 7TV2 and a multiplayer Overlord themed Memoir 44 session happening at the club.

Let’s start with Lion Rampant and Pete D’s game report:”Kev and I played Lion Rampant, the knock-about medieval skirmish set on which Dragon Rampant is based. We had lots of fun throwing dice through two scenarios. With better knowledge of the rules and neater set-up we could easily have managed 3. We used Dark Age rather than Medieval figures as that’s what I have. Despite Kev’s better knowledge of the rules (He has played rather more Dragon Rampant than me.) I managed a decisive victory as the Irish/Scots. Much of this was down to the scenario rescuing a fugitive – to which my force of Mounted Yeoman and Bidowers was way better suited. Our second game was much more even very much decided by the dice gods. Good fun with nice figures.”.

Tony G gave the following report on the German v German Flames of War session:”Neil and I played an early war German Flames of War grey on grey game, Light Panzer vs Fallschirmj√§ger. Neil was in defence with half of his platoons off table. After a sharp learning curve on my left flank of overwhelming numbers of tanks and half tracks having to close assault in penny packets and getting blown to smithereens (Accompanied by a strange whining sound, must be faulty Panzer I and II gearboxes.) on the left flank. I attacked again on my right flank with my favorite Kradschutzen (Mad bikers), these hit the end of his defensive line and rolled it up with a few lucky motivation dice rolls. This placed me on one of the objectives with no chance of any of Neil’s troops getting there to relieve it.”.

Garry’s brief report on the 7TV2 session went as follows:”Myself and Bob played 7TV2. Bob was Department X (A bit like UNIT, Dr Who and Torchwood combined.). I was the insidious industrialist testing my energy dampening device. My minions and robots soon saw an end to Department X.”.

Andy wrote the following about the Memoir 44 session:”D-Day Landings with Memoir 44 over x3 beaches as a 5 player game. Due to amount of set up, 6 maps with 5 players and wanting to keep each map coordinated we perhaps did not progress as far as we could have. However, time flew and we were regrettably soon packing up with a table situation of John having established a beach head and the Paras inland holding their own against Pete’s Germans, Andy in the centre having cleared the beach and heading inland was well ahead of Mr Invisible and Tony W and James slugging it out on the right in a tight game. All enjoyed themselves once we got up to speed on the rules. Many thanks to John for putting on a massive game withe logistics rivalling the actual day – good practice ahead of the UK Games Expo in June where there will be a very impressive 6 maps on display.”.

There are just two game plans for next time (4th May 2016.) which will be the ongoing club campaign of Pandemic Legacy plus some two player Commands and Colors: Ancients with figures. This means the other two likely games (We average four per evening generally.) are still in the concept stage.


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