Club Meeting Wednesday 4th May 2016

On our Star Wars Day (May the 4th.) meeting last week club members fought evil in Shadows Over Brimstone; fought themselves in Pandemic Legacy and suffered attention span issues in a series of short games like 8 Minute Empire, Splendor and Harbour.

Here are the reports: first up let’s have Tony W’s report from Shadows Over Brimstone:”In dire need of some R&R, we moseyed down into a river-side town, only to discover our Indian Scout (Bob.) and our Bandit (Garry.) had been corrupted beyond help and have now sprouted tails and other mutations. So began another ‘Shadows of Brimstone’ game……..”.

The Pandemic Legacy game turned out to be equally fraught as Pete D related:”We had two terrific games of Pandemic Legacy. What a gorgeous roller coaster this game is. Just over 1/2 way through we discover we’ve been working for the bad guys all along and had a traitor in our midst as we are now destroying the network of military bases we created! Our first game we lost by a stupidly narrow margin but revealed the above in the second game we won by a similar narrow margin but at some cost – we are all taking wounds now, on a knife edge protecting the world from collapse (Rather than as previously – making it worse.). This game just gives and gives.”.

Andy reported the following about the short game bonanza:””Whose turn is it now?”. It was nice to see Richard P last night, if only fleetingly, as he joined Neil, Pete M and myself for a number of quick games. Only problem was, more than one of us was suffering from attention deficit and we had a number of pregnant pauses as someone used the opening phrase to much hilarity amongst the others. So maybe not such quick games….. Anyway, the games we (Eventually.) got through were ‘8 Minute Empire’ (Twice.) that Neil was a bit too good at as he always seemed to get off shore to gain more points. ‘Splendor’ that Pete M narrowly won by rapidly getting to 15 points from a long way behind – he collected lots of 0 VP cards and cleaned up on the bonus collection cards before anyone realised what he was up to. We ended with an unfinished game of Harbour – it looks like a quick game but probably needs an hour to complete. NOT A SINGLE STAR WARS GAME ANYWHERE – So much for May the Forth but I suppose there were x3 Millennium Falcon shirts on show.”.

Neil himself commented on the short game bonanza:”Fun to play a few quickish games. I was particularly amused in the last 8 Minute Empire game by Richard and Andy arguing over which of my pieces Pete M should destroy and hence which of them he should help the most. At the time, overly concentrating on the board and not the cards, I thought I was doing very poorly.”.

Next week (11th May 2016.) the plan is for some Flames of War Team Yankee; some Commands and Colours: Napoleonics; Dragon Rampant and Hammerin’ Iron.

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