Club Meeting Wednesday 18th May 2016

The club meeting on the 18th of May 2016 saw our newest member Bob B playing three games of DBA with Pete D; John having his shredded bits handed to him by James in Star Wars Armada; Neil and Pete M playing Waterloo 200 and some desperate Thunderbirds action.

Let’s start with Bob B himself talking about the DBA sessions:”I had 3 great DBA games of Romans v Britons with Pete D last Wednesday, and Neil has very kindly offered me a game for next Wednesday, so I’m being very well looked after thanks, and would like to say I really appreciate the friendly welcome I’ve received from everyone in the club.”.

Isn’t that nice?

Pete D also reported briefly on the same three sessions:”Bob B and I had 3 excellent DBA games – I think Bob has some snaps he might share. Bow won 2 of the games by narrow margins. I managed a single but crushing victory. I wait to see if Bob is a fast learner, had the usual beginners luck or will prove to be a formidable opponent, I look forward to finding out.”.

I’ll let John explain the Star Wars Armada session:”James and I got in two games of Star Wars Armada, where James’s superior fleet design skills continue to bring him far superior results than my efforts – one day I will get a competitive fleet to the table and crush him! – until then I expect I will get crushed a lot more :)”

The Waterloo 200 session was reported on by Neil as follows:”Pete M and I played the Waterloo 200 board game. A nice system, but unfortunately like many games there is rather too much to absorb in one go. The French struggled valiantly against my lack of understanding (Not aided by confusing some of the blocks due to colour blindness.), but by the end seemed to be heading for almost certain defeat.”.

Things got pretty testy in the Thunderbirds session as Andy reports:”Disaster was the name of the game and that is exactly what Garry, Tony G, Tony W and I suffered when playing 3 games of this – we failed them all. It may have been that Tony G was a bit sidetracked by the ladies. We played with extra characters but just did not seem to be able to get the right combinations or roll well enough when it mattered. I two of the games we seemed to go from a fairly healthy position to a desperate one very quickly. In one game we needed to get around to TB5 for a space mission before disaster cards pushed it to the end – we weren’t going to clear any off and John was on TB3. We fluked an Advance the Hood and had little choice but to pick up FAB cards and take a hit on the Hood track. Somehow, we got to the FAB card that removed a disaster only for me to roll double Hoods to lose the game. In the final game we managed to have 3 characters in space who could not do anything even if they get back to Tracy Island because all of the Thunderbirds etc were marooned away from base – how on/off Earth we conspired that situation one no one seemed to recollect. Even so great fun with many raucous laughs.”.

Next week (25th May 2016.) the plan is for more DBA plus some multiplayer boardgames like Steam, Nexus Ops and/or Tiny Epic Galaxies.

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