Club Meeting Wednesday 25th May 2016

At the last club meeting there were three tables in action: one played some sessions of De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA.) with the Alexander Successors armies as planned; one played Steam while our table played a selection of boardgames.

Neil reported on the DBA as follows: “Bob and I played DBA confining ourselves to a few brief years after the death of Alexander in Asia Minor. Bob started as Antoigonas Monophalmos and I as Alketas. Bob deployed with much of his army in a ploughed field and eyeing a gentle hill on his left flank. With much of his army slowed by the field I tried to push him off the hill and succeeded, only to see my left wing driven off and the left of my pikes surrounded and destroyed loosing me the battle.

I then swapped to Eumenes but needed to pay some Thracians to impersonate elephants. This time I was luckier and the combination of more pikes and elephants broke a hole through his centre before my flanks could be surrounded.

Bob swapped to Peithon and an army with the least pikes of the evening, which relied on mercenary hoplites to bulk out the centre byut had a definite advantage in light infantry on the right wing. I refused my left wing and led with my centre which was stronger and my right wing that exactly matched Bob’s unit to unit. Unfortunately I lost my cavalry to his after an unlucky die roll which exposed my general, who was flanked and killed just as my two elephants caused his two to flee. With a chance of using my jumbo to trample his knight general I then rolled a 2 for movement pips and could find nothing to move and soon lost when his elephants came charging back.”.

Steam went well for John as he explained here: “Myself, Tony G, James, Andy and Pete M played a very good game of Steam – Tony and I have played several times so were in a position of advantage, with the other three probably having the experience of one game between them all – so I figured I had to knobble Tony early :) – I did manage to squeak the win, and Pete – who was moaning about how badly he was doing all the way through the game – came a close second.

It’s a game that I (and Tony) want to play more – but it is a fairly brain-burny, heavy-ish euro which is not everybody’s cup of tea.”.

Our table went similarly well with three boardgames played in succession: the Scooby Doo based Betrayal at the House on the Hill; The Pied Piper and Picomino. Betrayal at the House on the Hill went surprisingly well (And quickly.) despite all our characters spreading our and exploring a gloomy house individually rather than as a group (Thus following all horror movie conventions.). My character (Fred.) ended up in the basement after falling down the coal chute, found an axe, manfully fought his way out of a series of spiders’ webs and nearly died from the spores of an evil plant activated by Shaggy (Martin.) who turned out to be the traitor. The stand out character star turned out to be the genius dog Scooby Doo (Garry.) who found the magic flower cure to the evil plant and took it to neutralise the evil plant in the basement by means of the mystic elevator, with the help of Velma (Pete D, I think?) and Fred.

We then followed up with The Pied Piper based on the story of rats over-running Hamelin which came gorgeously packaged in a case that looked like a book of fairy tales. Much cruel and unusual behaviour transpired as rats were directed to run through each other’s houses forwards and back, underneath through the sewer while the Pied Piper was encouraged to clear as many rats from houses as possible. The eventual winners were Bob and Pete D (All others were knocked out.): Pete D because he played as inoffensively as possible and Bob because he managed to survive repeated attacks.

The mini – Picomino set of Pete D followed which Bob won by a country mile, playing the game of his life and amassing a staggering ten worms by the end. Several players finished strongly or played strongly only to lose tiles due to hubris. Hey ho!

We were going to start a round of Uno but decided instead to reconvene down the pub while the Steam and DBA games reached their conclusion.

Next time (The 1st of June 2016.) the plan is a for a four player Nexus Ops and whatever miniatures and boardgame games get planned during the week ahead.

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