Club Meeting Wednesday 1st June 2016

Last Wednesday’s meeting (1st June 2016.) was kind of quiet with a lot of people otherwise engaged in other real world stuff and only one game going on which was played by all six gamers that attended. The game was Zombiecide (The medieval version.). It all started reasonably well until things started kicking off with more Zombies shuffling or running in our direction than we could handle. The scenario was Famine which meant that we had to search for two cards each of apples, salted meat and water after which the idea was to head for the crypt and wait out the Zombie apocalypse. The search went well and we ended up with five out of the six cards we needed plus the keys to the crypt. The only drawback was that every time we successfully slayed a Zombie our characters started to improve in skill which inevitably led to certain trigger events which made the Zombies more numerous and bitey. We should have listened to the advice of Garry and stuck together in one large mob but ended up separated at some points.

Philip’s character bravely unlocked the crypt and entered it only to find four Zombies waiting for him in a hidden trap who proceeded to bite his character to death. The game quickly went south after that with James’ character being surrounded and eaten; then Bob’s and my characters being surrounded and eaten in turn followed quickly by Martin’s character. The sole survivor was Garry’s bonkers Nun character who was bravely hiding in a set of connected rooms with two available exits who lived to tell the tale.

I’d definitely play it again as it was a hoot and a half and so Bob says more fun than the modern themed Zombiecide.

Next time the plan is for some three or four way Dragon Rampant and possibly some Flames of War: Team Yankee or Commands and Colours: Ancients depending on who shows an interest.


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