Club Meeting Wednesday 8th June 2016

Last week (8th June 2016.) saw twelve members at the club on three tables. Four were engaged in the ongoing Pandemic Legacy club campaign followed by mini Picomino; four others played a selection of fresh games bought at the UK Games Expo while on our table Dragon Rampant raged.

Pete D reported as follows on the Pandemic Legacy session:”Pandemic Legacy was again a blast. First game: swift outbreaks of the CODA virus in South America overwhelmed us before we got started. Second game launched with really useful action cards – James’ soldier quickly tracked down the original victim and we now have a vaccine! That meant all the special packs have been opened and we can regain control in North America and southern Europe and maybe restore order and health in Latin America which we had completely given up…”.

John reported something similar about Pandemic Legacy too:”Kev, Pete D, James and I once more set out on the Pandemic Legacy trail – we were into October and on our first attempt things went spectacularly badly, one of the quickest and heaviest defeats I think we’ve seen. On our second start everything came together on set-up to give us an insta-cure of one disease on the very first move, other cards turned up as we needed them and we were soon on top of our scenario objectives. We heavily used the ability “Take one for the team” which left us with many scars, but we won the game.”.

On the table playing new games when I popped by the gang had broken out Little Red Riding Hood and were on the second game. The first they played co-operatively and aced the game very quickly. The second game they were doing was more competitive/semi-co-operative and saw Bob playing the wolf in as devious a manner as he could. Before either of these another panda and bamboo based game was played as Andy explains here:
“Before the Little Red Riding Hood game we (Bob, Neil, Tony G and I) played a panda and bamboo based game (No idea on it’s name.). The premise was to feed a hungry panda, the winner being the one who collected 7 objective cards for the most points. The game allows a number of player actions:

Placing terrain hex tiles of 3 colours – we subsequently established that there were more Green (Grassland?) than Yellow (Dry land?) than Pink (Pink land?) making objectives relating to Pink harder but higher scoring. They also could contain additional attributes such as having their own water supply, better growth yields and panda eating prevention devices;
Taking and placing Irrigation channels;
Taking further objectives (In addition to the starting 3.) of three types – panda related feats of bamboo consumption, gardener related bamboo growing and territory hex patterns based on coloured hexes that needed to be irrigated;
Moving the Gardener figure – to grow bamboo;
Moving the Panda to eat bamboo;
Taking and placing Upgrades to the hex tile.

There was also a weather dice that allowed bonuses to some of the above actions.

That was it in a nutshell. A good fun game of subtle player interaction and tricky little tactics to gain points – I liked it (As you always do when you win.)”.

Our game of Dragon Rampant on the big table broke down into two battles very quickly with my Goblins facing off Garry’s Dwarves and Martin’s army (Orcs?) facing down Tony W’s Egyptians. I decided to attack with my Goblins in column but it made no significant difference to the outcome as Garry’s Dwarves were just too tough to wear down and break. There weren’t enough heavy units in my army to counteract the strength of the Dwarves in defence; the Trolls I had lasted about five minutes and the Goblins were all one roll away from running to the hills in panic.

On the other part of the battlefield Martin advanced his army to the magic space in the middle of his bit of the battlefield and went round it, flanking the Egyptian leader and killing him – thus winning the day. I think I would call the overall result a draw as it was one all for the goodies and baddies.

Next week (June 15th.) apart from some two player De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA.) battles being planned there are no other firm plans.

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