Club Meeting Wednesday 15th June 2016

At last week’s club meeting quite a bit of De Bellis Antiquitatis was played, which is a bit of a club favourite, but Pete’s report was a bit one line on that so I don’t have a proper report. Also played was a session of Flames of War: Team Yankee and John B’s Tokaido Collectors Edition which all players drooled over.

First let’s have the report about Tokaido from John:”I brought along my new and shiny Tokaido Collector’s Edition which looks very nice with 35 painted miniatures for all the available player’s characters – Tony W, Garry and I played a couple of games – first game we used just the basic game – it was very light and quick – Garry won. We then threw in all but one part of one expansion and played again – and Garry won. Very easy rules, even with all the expansions added, and lovely components and atmosphere – I’ll be bringing that along on future nights.”.

Garry also reported similarly on the same game:”Myself, Tony W and John B played John’s new game called Tokaido. A fun quick game set in Japan: you have to travel from one end of the board to the other visiting 5 inns along the way. You score points in various ways and each character has its own special ability. I really enjoyed it and I’m not saying that simply because I won both games we played.”.

Kev reported on the Team Yankee encounter:”Andy umpired a Team Yankee game between James and I. James got the high quality, mass quantity, high tech, cutting edge and generally superior Soviets; whilst I was stuck with a weak US force. Despite the handicap of only having 3 M1 Abrams, I somehow managed to reduce the Soviets to one operational and few bailed out T72’s. This was the high water mark for the Americans and after boasting that there wouldn’t have been another Soviet turn!”. Kev has provided a link to the national anthem of the Soviet Union as a cheeky ironic comment on the game if you’re interested –

Next week (22nd June 2016.) the plan is for some Shadows of Brimstone and whatever else gets planned game-wise between now and next time.

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