Club Meeting Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Last week at the club saw some Star Wars Armada action and some Shadows of Brimstone action for which I have reports from the guys. Let’s make our start with the Shadows of Brimstone game with this report from Kev:

“Garry, Martin, Bob, Tony and I had another Shadows of Brimstone adventure. We had to return artifacts to the ancient tribal burial ground. First we had to find a portal to the swamp world! Fighting our way through the mine; vanquishing two tailed rats (Rats with two tails.), deep sea diving aliens and snake-men, before finding the portal to the swamp world. Once in the swamp world, we found the tribal burial ground, but it was guarded by a gigantic multi tentacled worm.”.

Tony W also reported on the same game:”The usual suspects rode into town, bought some goods, and then Garry robbed the general store, so off to the abandoned mine we went. After a quick search, we found the gate to another world and were soon up to our armpits in swamp! With time running out, we encountered the awesome ‘Burrower’ and blew it away (Well we would have if we hadn’t had to pack up!).”.

For once John B had a draw against the frankly awesome James in the Star Wars Armada game as he explains here:

“James and I got Star Wars Armada to the table again – two games played with fleets of mostly small ships (Four per side.) – and a 1-1 draw resulted! This is, for me, a major victory compared to other SWA sessions!”.

Next time the plan is for more Pandemic Legacy plus whatever boardgame and miniatures action gets organised in between now and the 29th of June.

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