Club Meeting Wednesday 29th June 2016

Last week at the club on the 29th of June 2016 there was some Mansions of Madness action, some Irregular Wars and some Origin.

First let’s take Garry’s report on Mansions of Madness:”Myself, Tony, Bob and Martin played Mansions of Madness. Unfortunately we were all killed by cultists and whatever evil they were summoning was let loose on an unsuspecting world.”.

John B’s report about Irregular Wars went like this: “Neil and I had a rather over hasty try out of Irregular Wars conflict at the worlds end. A simple system with some interesting lists for the back reaches of Renaissance warfare. We scraped together 2 Mesoamerican armies so we didn’t get to try out the black powder weapons or the feel of hordes of natives vs tiny numbers of tough Europeans. However we have the feel of the rules and are both keen to give it another outing. I failed to bring our pipe cleaner markers for resolve status and we will also need some cotton wool to mark use of black powder weapons waiting to re-load. – watch this space – we have lots of armies we can use for this set including Tartars vs Siberians (Including the reindeer riding scouts and blokes dressed like Wildlings from GOT – delicious..).”.

Andy’s report on Origin was as follows: “Last night I rolled out a recent acquisition called Origin that I roped Kev and James into playing. The premise is that you control early man from his origins in central Africa and to grow and migrate your tribes over the next few thousand years to colonise the whole planet. Your tribe is represented by a number of game tokens representing early man; they come with three attributes: colour (White, brown and black.), three heights representing speed of movement, and three thicknesses representing strength giving 27 tokens for a 3 player game (The middle 9 variants are duplicated for a 4 player).

The game allows a number of player actions to move around the world map to gain points. See:

Another good light fun game with some nice player interactions and little idea who is winning until the final points count up. James 50 – Kev 46 – Andy 46.”.

Next time the plan is for some Dragon Rampant and some Team Yankee.


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