Club Meeting Wednesday 6th July 2016

The only report I have from last week concerns a Terra Mystica session which I’ll let John B explain:

“Myself, Tony G and Neil went heavy tonight with Terra Mystica – a much more rules heavy euro than we would normally attempt in a club night. But with three of us it was do-able – just!

Tony played the Witches, Neil was the Nomads and I was the Alchemists. It seemed to start well for me with lots of magic points becoming available to me after I managed to build my stronghold on the first turn, Neil also built his on the first turn and Tony felt he was falling behind a bit even on turn one as he had not yet built his – but by the end of the game it was super close between Neil and Tony – with only a few gold pieces separating them, and me some way behind – I had been hemmed in the centre of the board and had focused on trying to build in the middle rather than get a second town going further out. It took a while to get our brains around the mechanics and what options we had, but by the end we were flowing quite quickly – four players would probably be too much for a club night while learning the game, but would be doable once up to speed.

Its a lovely game with loads of re-playability due to the numerous player factions available.”.

I apologise for the slackness and inefficiency of my spies. Hopefully normal service will be restored by next time.


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