Club Meeting Wednesday 13th July 2016

I only have one game report so far for last week (13th July 2016.) and it is for a session of Battlestar Galactica. I’ll let Neil explain events:

“Martin, Bob, Andy, Tony W, Garry and I played Battlestar Galactica. I played a technician and had little idea of what was going on, pretty much as things are supposed to be. Martin and Garry were the most likely to be traitors. Martin seemed rather evasive during play and Gary seemed transparently honest which seemed deeply suspicious. None-the-less we began increasingly to believe we had no traitors.

Things were going well when the second lot of traitor cards were handed round. Tony fairly quickly declared as a Cylon and blew himself up doing some damage to the ship which was rapidly repaired. The last traitor was much more elusive. With us running out of time and with a jump that would get us home as one of our two choices, Andy’s Admiral (Who I had just saved from certain death from Martin’s nefarious plotting.) chose the wrong jump and pretty much defined himself as the other Cylon. Probably a draw if we had had time to finish.”.

Next week the plan is for a probable four player session of Pandemic Legacy in the ongoing club campaign which is now reaching it’s conclusion plus a two player session of the ACW miniatures naval game Hammerin’ Iron. There may well be another one or two games going on besides which will be sorted by the night.

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