Club Meeting Wednesday 27th July 2016

Last week (27th July 2016.) there was only one table and game going on which was a homebrew game of gunfighting in the Old West. Pete D, who owns the game, explains further:

“First tryout for the home made Western Gunfight rules I got from the States. They attempt to get the flavour of the gunfight at the OK Corral as shown in this drama-doc (Yes that really is Davros as Wyatt Earp!). The game was fast and furious with lots of bullets flying compared to the damage done which sees true to source. The 3 weapons (Pistol, rifle & shotgun.) were well differentiated with very simple effects.

We had 3 games with teams of 3 each time. I will leave others to narrate their experience but my summary would note:

Bob took a disproportionate large percentage of the lead in the air;
Most Scimitar players are scaredy cats determined to slink behind cover;
James can’t tell the difference between a shotgun and a rifle!
Bob M & Martin will ditch their chums and run like girls when you most need their help!

People picked up the rules pretty well – especially Bob M. There are a few tweaks we needed to make for clarity about movement and a need for worse consequences for wounds.”.

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