Club Meeting Wednesday 20th July 2016

At least two games were played on Wednesday the 20th of July 2016: the ACW naval game Hammerin’ Iron and Pandemic Legacy.

Neil reported on Hammerin’ Iron:

“Both Andy and I opted for a large fort. I planned a completely ram based fleet expecting to defend and shelter under the guns of my fort until I charged out to deliver the killer blow. Andy had a ironclad heavy but otherwise balanced fleet featuring USS Cairo which I had only just painted up.

Pre-game I ended up attacking and Andy had his big fort in a really good position well forward on an island in the middle of the river. He also gained some army support with a battery of 12pdrs and fire rafts among other assets. I gained few such goodies. The key weakness of my strategy was now obvious with nether the objectives, the fort nor the field guns being vulnerable to ramming. I decided to sink Andy’s ships instead while hoping that he wouldn’t shoot me to bits. The first volley from the fort crippled Queen of the West (A ship that also appeared for the Union – it did fight for both sides historically – but not at the same time.). After that Andy’s gunnery was laughably inaccurate; most of the few shots that did hit bouncing of the armour of the thick skinned confederate ironclads. My rams were also remarkably ineffectual, with 4 rams striking home and sinking not a single union ship. On the final turn the CSS Albermarle, which had been taking the bulk of the Union fire was forced to strike its colours, the Queen of the West finally succumbed to gunfire from the USS Monitor, and the USS Switzerland rammed and sunk the CSS Tennessee (Rather ignominious that one.). A clear victory for the Union.”.

John’s report on Pandemic Legacy was:

“We almost saved the world today. We have fought back against the “shadow” disease and are in an excellent position to complete. A shame we failed to locate the plans for future variants of the virus (By the very narrowest of margins.) but hopefully next time. We have just a few areas left to deliver a cure and so should be able to concentrate on the search….”.

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