Club Meeting Wednesday 17th August 2016

At the club meeting on the 17th August there was some Star Wars themed Settlers of Catan; a card game called Illiad; a boardgame called Polis and a Star Wars X Wing campaign session. I don’t have reports for Illiad or the Star Wars Settlers of Catan but I do for the Star Wars X Wing and Polis games.

Neil wrote the following about the Star Wars X Wing campaign session:

“Kev kindly set up the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster X-Wing Campaign for us. We played the introductory mission, running escort for a Rebel convoy and fighting off some Tie Fighters and a Tie Interceptor when they transited too close to some Imperial occupied asteroids. We all started out as lowly pilot skill 2 rookies. James and I took X-Wings and Kev a Y-Wing. James seemed to have great difficulty hitting the maneuverable Ties and I foolishly took on three Tie fighters on my own. James and I were both shot down (In my case after a unlucky cockpit hit had reduced my effective pilot skill to 0). Kev’s Y-Wing sailed through it all as we took most of the fire and inflicted a fair amount of damage on the evil Empire allowing the Rebel transports to get safely away. Both of our pilots safely ejected and were picked up although at some cost. James said he enjoyed it more than any X-Wing game he had played in months, maybe we can get him shot down again next time.”.

Andy wrote about the Polis session:

“Pete M and I played Polis, a game that pitches Sparta against Athens in a (I think.) 5th century BC setting when each city is trying to expand it’s influence over the Greek world. Each faction plays with the same resource management challenges but has slightly different abilities to raise these, either by trading or occupation over four rounds thus giving subtly different objectives to each player’s game and creating a nice feel for the challenges offered to each sphere at the time. Military conflicts do occur but as you would expect, Sparta is better on land and Athens at sea. We didn’t get to finish but we did trial out all aspects of the game so plan to give it another go in a couple of weeks time.”.

Next time the plan is for some ACW naval miniatures action with more Hammerin’ Iron; a  boardgame called Endeavour and a new miniatures skirmish system called Broken Legion.


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