The Club Constitution


The name of the organization shall be “Scimitar Wargames Group”


The aims of the organization shall be to have fun playing a variety of games in various formats and where appropriate to re-create armies, situations and tactics from military history, fantasy and science fiction by the use of accurately painted and organized wargames figures and models. However any game with or without a military theme is acceptable


The membership shall consist of any person who is interested in gaming. These members pay a subscription fee, and have full voting rights.


The subscription fee shall be fixed by the committee and collected by the treasurer. Payment of the subscription shall entitle the members to attend all meetings arranged by the organization.


The affairs of the organization shall be conducted by the committee. The committee shall consist of a chairman, a secretary, and a treasurer. The term of office shall be one year, beginning on the 1st of December. The committee shall have the power to limit membership of the organization for each year after taking into account the size of the organization’s premises and its resources. The committee shall have the power to co-opt members onto the committee for specialized duties at their discretion, but only the elected members of the committee are entitled to vote. The committee shall have the power to authorize the application of funds to further the aims of the organization and purchase equipment for the organization in the best interest of its members. A quorum at committee meetings shall be two.


The chairman or his deputy shall take the chair at all business meetings of the organization. The chairman or his deputy shall ensure that the organization is run in the manner prescribed in the constitution. The chairman or his deputy shall welcome all new members to the organization and explain its activities and aims. The chairman or his deputy shall ensure that all members have access to an activity during meetings, and if necessary will organize games for new members. The chairman shall organize public demonstration games and approve teams for national, regional, or local competitions. The chairman shall be one of the signatories of the organizations accounts.


The secretary shall undertake the general administration of the organization and keep the committee advised of matters arising. The secretary shall keep all minutes of all business meetings and ensure that copies are forwarded to the committee. The secretary shall inform members of all meetings, competitions and conventions and if necessary devise competitions for the members. The secretary shall keep a detailed record of the member’s addresses and gaming interests and a record of the organizations assets and equipment. The secretary shall liaise with local councils and organizations with a view to organizing local demonstrations and competitions. The secretary shall organize the hiring of rooms for the organization and shall be one of the signatories of the organizations accounts.


The treasurer shall deal with all financial matters, keep detailed records of all income and expenditure, and collect subscriptions from the members. The treasurer shall be one of the signatories to the organization’s accounts, and his signature must be on all withdrawals from the organization’s accounts accompanied by the signature of the chairman or secretary.


No person may be nominated for a position on the committee unless they have been a member of the organization for at least nine months, unless no other candidates are available. Nominations for candidates should reach the secretary by the 1st of November. If posts are contested, ballot papers will be issued to members and returned to the secretary who will announce the results at the AGM. No member may stand for more than one post.

Annual general meeting (AGM)

The AGM shall be held once a year in the final week of November. The chairman, secretary and treasurer shall each present a report for the last year. All motions and proposals are to be submitted to the secretary at least one week before the date of the AGM. The secretary will inform members of the AGM at least two weeks before the date.

Committee meetings

There shall be at least four committee meetings a year. Committee meetings shall be called by the secretary who shall give a least two weeks notice and supply a written agenda.

Extraordinary general meeting

An extraordinary general meeting shall be held at such times as a committee shall determine or when special written request is submitted to the secretary by at least 25% of the membership of the organization. Two weeks notice of extraordinary general meetings shall be sent to all members.


The funds of the organization shall not be applied to any other purpose than those in aid of, or in connection with the aims of the organization. An account shall be kept at a reputable bank or building society and money received by the treasurer on behalf of the organization shall be paid into the account.

Financial obligation

No member of the organization apart from the treasurer shall commit the organization to any financial obligation without the consent of the treasurer.

Termination of membership

The committee may expel any member whose conduct is, in their consideration, detrimental to the interests and welfare of the organization. An appeal against termination of membership may be made to an extraordinary general meeting or to an AGM.

Visitors, guests, and casual attendees

A person who attends the group as a visitor, guest or on a casual basis, shall from the second occasion of their attendance be subject to a visitor charge. The level of the charge is to be determined by the committee, and shall be more than the subscription applicable on the date of their visit divided by the number of weeks for which the subscription fee applies.