Games & Periods

This list gives an indication of the games and periods that the club typically plays. Several games are played using rules written by club members. Other periods are also played.

We have recently played Cosmic Encounter, Battlestar Galactica, Kingsburg, Arkham Horror, Carcassonne and Descent amongst others.

We often finish an evening with a game of Perudo or Jenga. Many players also enjoy traditional boardgames such as Bao, Go, Mancala, Nine Mens Morris, Chess, etc..

We are willing to try anything new!

Ancient & Medieval – Command & Colours: Ancients, DBM, DBA, Impetus and Warmaster Ancients (15mm and 25mm)

Dark Age Skirmish – Club Own

Napoleonic – Port & Cigars, Age of Eagles, Principles of War (15mm), Polemos

American Civil War – Fire and Fury (15mm)

Western Gunfight – The Old West, Warhammer and Shootist

Lord of the Rings – Games Workshop

Fantasy – Hordes Of The Things, Warhammer, Battlelore, Ex Illis

WWI Land – Through the Mud & The Blood

WWI Air – Wings of War, Canvas Eagles

WWII Land – Spearhead WW2 (1/300), Blitzkrieg Commander, Memoir ’44,  Flames of War

WWII Air – Down in Flames

Korean Air – Adapted ‘Wings of Fire’ (1/300)

Modern Land – Modern Spearhead (1/300),  Cold War Commander, Ambush Alley

Modern African Wars – AK47 (15mm)

Sci Fi – Full Thrust, Dirtside, Future War Commander, Command Horizon, Ambush Z