Club Meeting Wednesday 1st June 2016

Last Wednesday’s meeting (1st June 2016.) was kind of quiet with a lot of people otherwise engaged in other real world stuff and only one game going on which was played by all six gamers that attended. The game was Zombiecide (The medieval version.). It all started reasonably well until things started kicking off with more Zombies shuffling or running in our direction than we could handle. The scenario was Famine which meant that we had to search for two cards each of apples, salted meat and water after which the idea was to head for the crypt and wait out the Zombie apocalypse. The search went well and we ended up with five out of the six cards we needed plus the keys to the crypt. The only drawback was that every time we successfully slayed a Zombie our characters started to improve in skill which inevitably led to certain trigger events which made the Zombies more numerous and bitey. We should have listened to the advice of Garry and stuck together in one large mob but ended up separated at some points.

Philip’s character bravely unlocked the crypt and entered it only to find four Zombies waiting for him in a hidden trap who proceeded to bite his character to death. The game quickly went south after that with James’ character being surrounded and eaten; then Bob’s and my characters being surrounded and eaten in turn followed quickly by Martin’s character. The sole survivor was Garry’s bonkers Nun character who was bravely hiding in a set of connected rooms with two available exits who lived to tell the tale.

I’d definitely play it again as it was a hoot and a half and so Bob says more fun than the modern themed Zombiecide.

Next time the plan is for some three or four way Dragon Rampant and possibly some Flames of War: Team Yankee or Commands and Colours: Ancients depending on who shows an interest.


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Club Meeting Wednesday 25th May 2016

At the last club meeting there were three tables in action: one played some sessions of De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA.) with the Alexander Successors armies as planned; one played Steam while our table played a selection of boardgames.

Neil reported on the DBA as follows: “Bob and I played DBA confining ourselves to a few brief years after the death of Alexander in Asia Minor. Bob started as Antoigonas Monophalmos and I as Alketas. Bob deployed with much of his army in a ploughed field and eyeing a gentle hill on his left flank. With much of his army slowed by the field I tried to push him off the hill and succeeded, only to see my left wing driven off and the left of my pikes surrounded and destroyed loosing me the battle.

I then swapped to Eumenes but needed to pay some Thracians to impersonate elephants. This time I was luckier and the combination of more pikes and elephants broke a hole through his centre before my flanks could be surrounded.

Bob swapped to Peithon and an army with the least pikes of the evening, which relied on mercenary hoplites to bulk out the centre byut had a definite advantage in light infantry on the right wing. I refused my left wing and led with my centre which was stronger and my right wing that exactly matched Bob’s unit to unit. Unfortunately I lost my cavalry to his after an unlucky die roll which exposed my general, who was flanked and killed just as my two elephants caused his two to flee. With a chance of using my jumbo to trample his knight general I then rolled a 2 for movement pips and could find nothing to move and soon lost when his elephants came charging back.”.

Steam went well for John as he explained here: “Myself, Tony G, James, Andy and Pete M played a very good game of Steam – Tony and I have played several times so were in a position of advantage, with the other three probably having the experience of one game between them all – so I figured I had to knobble Tony early :) – I did manage to squeak the win, and Pete – who was moaning about how badly he was doing all the way through the game – came a close second.

It’s a game that I (and Tony) want to play more – but it is a fairly brain-burny, heavy-ish euro which is not everybody’s cup of tea.”.

Our table went similarly well with three boardgames played in succession: the Scooby Doo based Betrayal at the House on the Hill; The Pied Piper and Picomino. Betrayal at the House on the Hill went surprisingly well (And quickly.) despite all our characters spreading our and exploring a gloomy house individually rather than as a group (Thus following all horror movie conventions.). My character (Fred.) ended up in the basement after falling down the coal chute, found an axe, manfully fought his way out of a series of spiders’ webs and nearly died from the spores of an evil plant activated by Shaggy (Martin.) who turned out to be the traitor. The stand out character star turned out to be the genius dog Scooby Doo (Garry.) who found the magic flower cure to the evil plant and took it to neutralise the evil plant in the basement by means of the mystic elevator, with the help of Velma (Pete D, I think?) and Fred.

We then followed up with The Pied Piper based on the story of rats over-running Hamelin which came gorgeously packaged in a case that looked like a book of fairy tales. Much cruel and unusual behaviour transpired as rats were directed to run through each other’s houses forwards and back, underneath through the sewer while the Pied Piper was encouraged to clear as many rats from houses as possible. The eventual winners were Bob and Pete D (All others were knocked out.): Pete D because he played as inoffensively as possible and Bob because he managed to survive repeated attacks.

The mini – Picomino set of Pete D followed which Bob won by a country mile, playing the game of his life and amassing a staggering ten worms by the end. Several players finished strongly or played strongly only to lose tiles due to hubris. Hey ho!

We were going to start a round of Uno but decided instead to reconvene down the pub while the Steam and DBA games reached their conclusion.

Next time (The 1st of June 2016.) the plan is a for a four player Nexus Ops and whatever miniatures and boardgame games get planned during the week ahead.

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Club Meeting Wednesday 18th May 2016

The club meeting on the 18th of May 2016 saw our newest member Bob B playing three games of DBA with Pete D; John having his shredded bits handed to him by James in Star Wars Armada; Neil and Pete M playing Waterloo 200 and some desperate Thunderbirds action.

Let’s start with Bob B himself talking about the DBA sessions:”I had 3 great DBA games of Romans v Britons with Pete D last Wednesday, and Neil has very kindly offered me a game for next Wednesday, so I’m being very well looked after thanks, and would like to say I really appreciate the friendly welcome I’ve received from everyone in the club.”.

Isn’t that nice?

Pete D also reported briefly on the same three sessions:”Bob B and I had 3 excellent DBA games – I think Bob has some snaps he might share. Bow won 2 of the games by narrow margins. I managed a single but crushing victory. I wait to see if Bob is a fast learner, had the usual beginners luck or will prove to be a formidable opponent, I look forward to finding out.”.

I’ll let John explain the Star Wars Armada session:”James and I got in two games of Star Wars Armada, where James’s superior fleet design skills continue to bring him far superior results than my efforts – one day I will get a competitive fleet to the table and crush him! – until then I expect I will get crushed a lot more :)”

The Waterloo 200 session was reported on by Neil as follows:”Pete M and I played the Waterloo 200 board game. A nice system, but unfortunately like many games there is rather too much to absorb in one go. The French struggled valiantly against my lack of understanding (Not aided by confusing some of the blocks due to colour blindness.), but by the end seemed to be heading for almost certain defeat.”.

Things got pretty testy in the Thunderbirds session as Andy reports:”Disaster was the name of the game and that is exactly what Garry, Tony G, Tony W and I suffered when playing 3 games of this – we failed them all. It may have been that Tony G was a bit sidetracked by the ladies. We played with extra characters but just did not seem to be able to get the right combinations or roll well enough when it mattered. I two of the games we seemed to go from a fairly healthy position to a desperate one very quickly. In one game we needed to get around to TB5 for a space mission before disaster cards pushed it to the end – we weren’t going to clear any off and John was on TB3. We fluked an Advance the Hood and had little choice but to pick up FAB cards and take a hit on the Hood track. Somehow, we got to the FAB card that removed a disaster only for me to roll double Hoods to lose the game. In the final game we managed to have 3 characters in space who could not do anything even if they get back to Tracy Island because all of the Thunderbirds etc were marooned away from base – how on/off Earth we conspired that situation one no one seemed to recollect. Even so great fun with many raucous laughs.”.

Next week (25th May 2016.) the plan is for more DBA plus some multiplayer boardgames like Steam, Nexus Ops and/or Tiny Epic Galaxies.

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Club Meeting Wednesday 11th May 2016

Last week (The 11th of May 2016.) saw Bob B, our newest member, being roped in to try some Lion Rampant; Andy and James fighting WWIII in Flames of War: Team Yankee; some ironclad ACW action between Neil M and Kev with Hammerin’ Iron and John and Pete M fighting on the WWII Eastern Front with War Stories: Red Storm.

Pete D described the Lion Rampant session as follows:”Bob M and I introduced Bob B to the delights of Lion Rampant. A lovely game with Bob’s gorgeous Front Rank Wars of the Roses troops won due to the indolence of my mediocre leader (I.e. failure to throw high enough to get his unit to move.). Bob M romped the Sausage & Mustard scenario burning 3/4s of the village before his troops retired. Most of our successes were down to Bob B’s excellent work commanding our crossbows.

Andy gave a fulsome report on the Flames of War: Team Yankee encounter:”Last night saw my third Team Yankee outing with my third trainee opponent, this time James, following in the footsteps of Kev and Bob. With both Howard and Philip showing interest we have the makings of a vibrant embryonic group. If anyone else has in interest in a mid-eighties fictitious alternate history with events that thankfully never happened then I’m happy to give an introduction as it helps me to become more familiar with the rules.

The game last night saw me generously allowing James to use my small but growing force of Americans comprising about 40 points – a tank platoon of 4x M1 Abrams and a mechanised platoon of 4x M113’s and associated troops armed to the gunnels. As it was James’ first game I went easy on him with my meagre 18 point Soviet force of 3x T-72’s and x3 BTR80’s that I played as BMP-1’s (As I was outnumbered ahistorically I needed something to try and redress the balance.). In general we are currently short of painted kit for both sides but both Bob and I have loads of stuff in various stages of construction on our painting tables so come the end of June we will be well tooled up.

To the game itself: we played on a heavily wooded/arable table with a slightly incongruous set of storage tanks on the American base line in front of which was my objective. There were a couple of roads crossing in the centre where James placed his objective on my side at the end of the road. Tanks set up opposite each other on my left his right and I set my infantry up around James’ objective with their battle buses further to my right. James set his Mech Infantry up on the other end of the road to the objective. His plan was simple, overwhelm my tanks on the flank and then roll up in a coordinated manner to join the battle just as the frontal assault by the Mech Inf hit my infantry. This good simple plan went the way of so many good simple plans as it lasted as long as the first encounter.

My T-72’s got off the fist two shots from their superior guns (125mm v 105mm.) and managed to suppress the C.O.’s M1 whilst everyone else kicked around their foxholes smoking cheap Russian cigarettes. James’ response was to ignore my shells and return a few of his own I then introduced him to the confusing term ‘brewing-up’ as that is exactly what one of my shiny tanks did. His M113’s nonchalantly advanced up the road oblivious to their certain impending doom, mwa-ha-haaaa. So fast forward a few turns and essentially James was back on plan though it had taken a bit longer than he thought and with quite a few casualties. Having lost an M113 to RPGs, he de-bused and we slugged it out until only one battle taxi remained on either side including one of mine that made a dash for the un-defended objective. His Infantry walked towards the objective and a mini war of attrition ensued. Also 3 out of 4 M1’s saw off my remaining T-72’s and they were well on the way towards their objective when we called time.

The rules play reasonable quickly and we managed most of the game referring to the unit cards and the QRF which also shows the page number in the book for the detailed rule. Hopefully James will play again and that Bob and I can get closer towards of 100 point target per side.”.

Kev’s report on Hammerin’ Iron went like this:”Neil and I played Hammerin’ Iron, a nice fun naval ACW game from Peter Pig. Neil was the Confederates and I played the Union fleet. Following a semi-random setup Neil was defending. To defend the 2 objectives of 4 buildings and 4 cargo ships (Which ended up in the same spot.), Neil had the CSS Tennessee, CSS Lady Davis plus a huge fort and the chance of 3 late arrivals. The Union fleet had USS New Ironsides, USS Signal and USS Teaser to start and 3 late arrivals including my favourite ship USS Commodore Morris.

Game report in brief: the Tennessee rammed but failed to sink the New Ironsides and was eventually sunk by the Union ironclad but not before sinking the Commodore Morris. The Lady Davis (With a little help from the fort.) successfully defended the 2 objectives from 3 Union ships only losing 1 building before pulling out to avoid being sunk. Neil won the scenario 33 to 30 points (!) but really deserved a high win margin as he held off my 5 ships with 1 ironclad, a tug plus the fort that couldn’t always fire.”.

John B reported on the WWII Eastern Front game as follows:”Pete M and I got in our second game of War Stories: Red Storm – we managed to fit it into a club night, but only just as we found out we are still not hot on the rules yet but we are learning. Pete won by managing to use his half-track to ferry his Panzer Grenadiers to his objective (A railway line.) and blow up a section of it. I laid down a lot of machine gun fire, immobilised the half-track but couldn’t stop him from reaching his objective – he was helped by the timely arrival of his Stukas which kept my best Red Army troops suppressed and unable to act in time. Very nice game with a very unique system which we are still getting out heads around – it is best played with no starting information on the opposing side’s forces or objectives, which is handled by having two scenario books – one for each player – this gives only the information for your own forces, deployment and objectives – this produces a very real fog-of-war feeling the first time you play each scenario.”.

Next week (18th May 2016.) there is only one firm plan which is for some two player De Bellis Antiquitatis. No doubt the other gameless club members will have cooked something up by Wednesday.

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Club Meeting Wednesday 4th May 2016

On our Star Wars Day (May the 4th.) meeting last week club members fought evil in Shadows Over Brimstone; fought themselves in Pandemic Legacy and suffered attention span issues in a series of short games like 8 Minute Empire, Splendor and Harbour.

Here are the reports: first up let’s have Tony W’s report from Shadows Over Brimstone:”In dire need of some R&R, we moseyed down into a river-side town, only to discover our Indian Scout (Bob.) and our Bandit (Garry.) had been corrupted beyond help and have now sprouted tails and other mutations. So began another ‘Shadows of Brimstone’ game……..”.

The Pandemic Legacy game turned out to be equally fraught as Pete D related:”We had two terrific games of Pandemic Legacy. What a gorgeous roller coaster this game is. Just over 1/2 way through we discover we’ve been working for the bad guys all along and had a traitor in our midst as we are now destroying the network of military bases we created! Our first game we lost by a stupidly narrow margin but revealed the above in the second game we won by a similar narrow margin but at some cost – we are all taking wounds now, on a knife edge protecting the world from collapse (Rather than as previously – making it worse.). This game just gives and gives.”.

Andy reported the following about the short game bonanza:””Whose turn is it now?”. It was nice to see Richard P last night, if only fleetingly, as he joined Neil, Pete M and myself for a number of quick games. Only problem was, more than one of us was suffering from attention deficit and we had a number of pregnant pauses as someone used the opening phrase to much hilarity amongst the others. So maybe not such quick games….. Anyway, the games we (Eventually.) got through were ‘8 Minute Empire’ (Twice.) that Neil was a bit too good at as he always seemed to get off shore to gain more points. ‘Splendor’ that Pete M narrowly won by rapidly getting to 15 points from a long way behind – he collected lots of 0 VP cards and cleaned up on the bonus collection cards before anyone realised what he was up to. We ended with an unfinished game of Harbour – it looks like a quick game but probably needs an hour to complete. NOT A SINGLE STAR WARS GAME ANYWHERE – So much for May the Forth but I suppose there were x3 Millennium Falcon shirts on show.”.

Neil himself commented on the short game bonanza:”Fun to play a few quickish games. I was particularly amused in the last 8 Minute Empire game by Richard and Andy arguing over which of my pieces Pete M should destroy and hence which of them he should help the most. At the time, overly concentrating on the board and not the cards, I thought I was doing very poorly.”.

Next week (11th May 2016.) the plan is for some Flames of War Team Yankee; some Commands and Colours: Napoleonics; Dragon Rampant and Hammerin’ Iron.

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Club Meeting Wednesday 27th April 2016

Last week (27th April 2016.) saw some Lion Rampant action; German on German Flames of War action; 7TV2 and a multiplayer Overlord themed Memoir 44 session happening at the club.

Let’s start with Lion Rampant and Pete D’s game report:”Kev and I played Lion Rampant, the knock-about medieval skirmish set on which Dragon Rampant is based. We had lots of fun throwing dice through two scenarios. With better knowledge of the rules and neater set-up we could easily have managed 3. We used Dark Age rather than Medieval figures as that’s what I have. Despite Kev’s better knowledge of the rules (He has played rather more Dragon Rampant than me.) I managed a decisive victory as the Irish/Scots. Much of this was down to the scenario rescuing a fugitive – to which my force of Mounted Yeoman and Bidowers was way better suited. Our second game was much more even very much decided by the dice gods. Good fun with nice figures.”.

Tony G gave the following report on the German v German Flames of War session:”Neil and I played an early war German Flames of War grey on grey game, Light Panzer vs Fallschirmjäger. Neil was in defence with half of his platoons off table. After a sharp learning curve on my left flank of overwhelming numbers of tanks and half tracks having to close assault in penny packets and getting blown to smithereens (Accompanied by a strange whining sound, must be faulty Panzer I and II gearboxes.) on the left flank. I attacked again on my right flank with my favorite Kradschutzen (Mad bikers), these hit the end of his defensive line and rolled it up with a few lucky motivation dice rolls. This placed me on one of the objectives with no chance of any of Neil’s troops getting there to relieve it.”.

Garry’s brief report on the 7TV2 session went as follows:”Myself and Bob played 7TV2. Bob was Department X (A bit like UNIT, Dr Who and Torchwood combined.). I was the insidious industrialist testing my energy dampening device. My minions and robots soon saw an end to Department X.”.

Andy wrote the following about the Memoir 44 session:”D-Day Landings with Memoir 44 over x3 beaches as a 5 player game. Due to amount of set up, 6 maps with 5 players and wanting to keep each map coordinated we perhaps did not progress as far as we could have. However, time flew and we were regrettably soon packing up with a table situation of John having established a beach head and the Paras inland holding their own against Pete’s Germans, Andy in the centre having cleared the beach and heading inland was well ahead of Mr Invisible and Tony W and James slugging it out on the right in a tight game. All enjoyed themselves once we got up to speed on the rules. Many thanks to John for putting on a massive game withe logistics rivalling the actual day – good practice ahead of the UK Games Expo in June where there will be a very impressive 6 maps on display.”.

There are just two game plans for next time (4th May 2016.) which will be the ongoing club campaign of Pandemic Legacy plus some two player Commands and Colors: Ancients with figures. This means the other two likely games (We average four per evening generally.) are still in the concept stage.


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Club Meeting Wednesday 20th April 2016

The club meeting last week saw Dragon Rampant on the tables with differing versions of what happened depending on who was giving the report. For instance Kev said:”Dragon Rampant was played again by; Bob (Elves.) and Tony (Elves?) faced off against Garry (Orcs.) and Martin (Goblins and Ghouls.) with my mighty heroic Dwarves smashing anyone who looked at my gold. I had another great game of Dragon Rampant, Garry had designed a 3 team game Bob and Tony vs Garry and Martin and me vs everyone!!!! I did get a few extra points and choose to add a fierce Dragon and a wild Slayer. In a crowded Dwarven ale house, Kevlar Thornbeard was drunk and boasting about the recent battle – “Let’s just say I won the battle!! Chasing off the thieving Elves and smashing the ugly Green skins back to the hole they came from!!!”.

This differs somewhat from Garry’s report which was:”I enjoyed Kevin’s one sided view of Wednesday’s game. In truth there was not a Dwarf left on the table and his General ran away.”.

Tony W, who also participated, reported on the drubbing his force took:”After the excitement of ‘Salute’, it was back playing games this week, as opposed to buying them! Martin, Bob, Garry, Kev and myself took to the bloody field of ‘Dragon Rampant’, which gave me the opportunity to dust off one of my forgotten armies and let them see the light of day ………………….. needless to say they took a beating and fled the field.”.

Also played were some sessions of De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA.) in preparation for a competition in Alton which Pete D and Neil reported on. First let’s turn to Pete D:”Neil and I prepared for Alton competition on Saturday with a few games of DBA. We both won with our opponent’s choice of army pairs. We both learned some subtle rule points – hope we can remember them come Saturday! Down the pub we played Cash & Guns 2nd edition with all the expansions. I’m not sure the characters are very even I scored the highest victory I’ve seen playing “The Vulture” who grabs 2 loot from anyone who dies – makes lethal shooting a bit too tempting…”.

Neil’s report on the same DBA session went like this:”Pete D and I played DBA as a warm-up for the Alton Matched Pairs on Saturday. Pete had Medieval German vs French Ordnance (Early Italian Wars); I had Hussites vs Hussites (Splitters!). We both managed to lose our first game with our own pairs which does not bode well for Saturday, but 4 good games were had.”.

Also played were a couple of short playing games which John reported on:”James, Andy and I played 2 games of Fall of Pompeii and 2 games of Splendor – it was very nice to get some shorter games played.”.

Next week the plan is for a session of 7TV; a Memoir 44 multiplayer session and a two player Flames of War early war session.

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Club Meeting Wednesday 13th April 2016

The club was once again busy on the 13th of April with the ongoing campaign of Pandemic Legacy taking to the tables once more; a session of Thunderbirds with expansions and the mash-up game that is being taken to Salute for the club stand.

Garry summed all this up in the briefest of brief reports as follows:”We pre-played the Salute game this week along with Thunderbirds with expansions and a game of Bob’s but I cannot remember what it was called.”.

I don’t have a report about how the Thunderbirds game went but at least three glowing reports about how Pandemic Legacy went. Let’s start with Pete’s report:”Best Pandemic – ever – thrilling, wildly inventive – tough but with just enough chance that we might prevail. It has created a compelling underlying narrative but with engaging regular episodes like a boxed set of a quality TV show (Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones or The Wire.) except we get to make decisions and the end of each episode is unknown – even to the producers. I am a sucker for co-op games but this has become an all time highlight of my board-gaming experiences. Thank you John!

We also got a sneak preview of the War of the Worlds/Midnight Party mash up ready for Salute – escape the Tripod war machines! it looks brilliant. Well done lads!”.

Kev was equally effusive:”John, Pete, James and I played the excellent Pandemic Legacy. Played 3 times winning once but getting closer to finding the final cure for the faded. And we now have nukes!!!!!!”.

Equally thrilled was John who is the game’s owner:”Back with a bang this week – and as already covered by Pete and Kev each game of Pandemic Legacy is on a knife edge, with the eventual win this week being the turn before the world went belly-up for what would have been third time in a row – but we squeaked in a victory to end the night.

Next week James and I will be playing something – if it’s just the two of us we’ll probably do Netrunner, but if others are looking for a game we’ll do games for 3 or 4 or 5, we’ll decide closer to the time.”.

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Club Meeting Wednesday 6th April 2016

I only have two reports from the Club Meeting on the 6th of April – one on a session of Canvas Eagles and the other on a Flames of War session in preparation for a Flames competition.

Let’s start with Garry’s report on Canvas Eagles:”The air crackled with gunfire as the British and Germans tried in vain to knock each other out of the sky but the honours were even: no-one was shot down and a light wound was inflicted on each side. Next week it’s the Salute game trial run and probably a few board games, tally ho Garry.”.

Neil’s report on the Flames of War session was as follows:”Philip and I had a practice game for Campaign 2016. I took the Dutch army I intend to field and he took (Rather surprisingly.) Japanese. The scenario was Surrounded and so I set up my defensive fortifications to cover both directions. I was well equipped with anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns, armoured cars as well as four platoons of infantry (One of them equipped with bicycles which have no in-game effect.). Also trying out my new Bofors 10.5 cm heavy artillery. Philip deployed a tank platoon and an MG platoon on one side and 2 infantry platoons, another tank platoon and some heavy artillery on the other. By careful deployment he managed to have his tanks where my anti-tank guns weren’t and avoid most of the fire from my bunkers.

To make things more difficult for me Philip elected to attack at night and surged forward towards one of his objectives form both sides. Stiffening a platoon of infantry with my armour,one of Philip’s infantry platoons succumbed to the worst set of saving throws I have ever seen (7 lost to 9 hits with a 1/3 chance of a loss.). They dug in while his other infantry platoon got hung up on the wire. His tank platoons assaulted my trench lines turfing out two of my infantry platoons, before daylight intervened. My heavy artillery firing over open sights destroyed one tank platoon and my armoured cars the others. His virtually undamaged infantry platoon led on by his regimental flag (Apparently they can’t lose a morale check.), charged through to the objective destroying my bicycle infantry platoon. The Japanese infantry ended up contesting an objective with my armoured cars while the remaining Dutch infantry cautiously prepared for a counter attack.”.

The plan so far for next time (13th April.) is to have a trial run of the special game devised for the club to take to Salute and a two player session of the Japanese feudal boardgame Sekigahara. No doubt there will be other games besides.


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Club Meeting Wednesday 30th March 2016

Last week (The 30th of March.) saw more Flames of War action together with some DBA in a tag style campaign with a game of Dragon Rampant also going on at the club.

Philip provided a good report on the Flames of War session which was as follows:”Played Flames of War – Late War with Tony G. This is a practice game for Campaign 2016… the 3rd year I have played in a team with Neil and Richard H. I used a British rifle company. It had 2 rifle platoons, carrier platoon, 2 Churchill platoons (6 tanks in total), 25pdr and 5.5” artillery battery, 4 6pdrs. Tony had a Grenadier company with 2 infantry platoons, artillery battery, 3 panthers, HMGs, AA platoon, Pak 40s and an 88mm AT gun.

The mission thrown for was Hold the Line. Since I was British I decided to use my option to attack at night. I had to attack up the narrow part of the table. Tony had ½ of the table to deploy in to defend two objectives. Tony had not played night attack so it was bit of a learning experience for him. On move three we had to dice to see if night ended. Luckily for me it stayed dark until the start of move 5.

Tony could only start with ½ his units on table. Tony deployed a formed a Kampfgruppe that had about 4 MG teams, 2 HMGs, one Pak 40 and a single Panther. This was deployed to hold the centre. He also deployed his artillery. The remaining Pak 40s and 88mm were deployed in ambush. All the other platoons would be diced to arrive on turn 3.

Basically I attack with all my units on the left and right flanks. My tanks on the right moved towards the town in the centre… trying to avoid the lurking Panther. My combined artillery barrages were being quite effective bailing out the Panther once and keeping the Kampfgruppe pinned which helped when I assaulted them with my infantry.

At the end of move 5 we just ran out of time. Tony’s reinforcements failed to turn up and the ambushes were not deployed. I was very close to capturing one of the objectives… if only there was another turn. I should have been more aggressive.”.

Tony W reported on the Dragon Rampant game with the following:”Martin (Smelly Gobbos.), Garry (Evil Dark Elves.), Bob (Heroic High Elves.) and myself (Equally heroic Aegyptians.) fought another ‘Dragon Rampant’ game. The Dark Elves proved no match for Bob’s Elves and even the powerful looking Dragon ended up a pin cushion! As to me, my Aegyptians were under serious pressure from Martin’s Gobbos by the end of the game though Bob was adding pressure on their flank. All in all, a jolly fun game. Very enjoyable game in which I threw a lot of low dice.”.

Pete D gave me a visual report with pictures on the DBA tag session which doesn’t translate very well here but here goes:”Neil won both games first as I/1a Early Sumerian then as I/6a Early Bedouin.”. Apparently in the first game the Bedouin retired to steep hills and in the Bedouin camp Neil’s Sumerianms shot the Bedouin away. On changing sides and going again Neil charged his Warband General to quickly kill Pete D as Sumerian Blade General for a late turn around.

The plan for next week (6th April.) is for an Early War Flames of War session and some more tag team DBA with a third and fourth game no doubt to be sorted out at some point.

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